Tuesday, 30 March 2010

MFL Flashmeet 6

Tonight was the 6th MFL Flashmeet. It took place via the internet in my kitchen and other people's houses, hotels and, in one case, a bathroom.

The flashmeet experience is amazing. As I've said before it is the best kind of CPD and everyone takes part, or lurks, because they want to. It was great to see some twitter friends and put names and voices to faces (and avatars).

As with previous Flashmeets, interested MFL tech heads from weird and wonderful far away places such as Texas and Philadelphia,USA, Australia, New Zealand and Hartlepool all got together to discuss and share their ideas, links and experiences.

The agenda contained 6 main items:
  1. Ideas to help with the last few lessons before pupils go on study leave for their exams
  2. Ideas to keep Y9 on task after Options have been decided: small projects, resources that could be used etc... (World Cup project?)
  3. Reflections on MYLO ambassadors meeting and subsequent blog posts
  4. What were your highlights of Language World 2010? Were you there or did you follow virtually?
  5. Thoughts about the José Picardo's eBook A Practitioners' Perspective - Should we make an audiobook version? (We agreed that we should)
  6. So who's coming to MFL Show and Tell 2010 at Nottingham High School?

and was chaired by Helena Butterfield, who did an excellent job, particularly, when speakers went off at tangents and started to talk about other things. The other things being, alternative qualifications, what's the best kind of microphone and me recounting my recent input with the BBC. (Yes, I know, I won't mention it again!)

The meeting itself has been recorded and can be watched by clicking here.

The next one, will hopefully be on June 29th at 20:30BST when I'm looking forward to discussing plans for MFL Show and Tell 2010 at Nottingham High School. I hope to see you all there.

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