Thursday, 11 March 2010


Recently, at my school, there was an incident of cyber-bullying. As far as I'm aware it happened out of school hours and involved 2 young ladies, one sending unpleasant messages to the other.
However, it turns out that some students have been allowed to use Facebook and other social networking sites in school by some staff.

Because of this the people at the top have decided that all students will have no access to the internet for the foreseeable future. All sites, including the school's own website are blocked.

This means that my yr 7 students can't use wordle to create wordclouds to help them learn and revise the vocabulary for describing people.

My yr8 students can't use xtranormal to create movies based on some conversations they have been devising.

My yr9 students had to use Word to redraft their descriptions of their home-town rather than goanimate or toondoo.

Year 11 couldn't download the xtranormals they made to help learn their presentations or use Ashcombe School, MFLSunderland, wordreference or my own wiki to help with their revision and my yr13 class can't use google to look for information to help with their choice of cultural topics for the A2 French exam.

But there is some good news. The two girls are friends again.


MadameBoughey said...

Wow. What an extreme reaction from the school. It's never fair when everyone gets punished or blamed because of the actions of a few.

Miss Brodie said...

Help! I need a training course fast! How do you get from Chalk and Paper Planet for Wordle World?

Dom said...

Miss Brodie
The best advice I can offer you to get to wordle word is to have a go. Play with the applications by yourself until you figure out how they work and then integrate them slowly, one at a time to your classes. Read through the other blogs on my list and see how other teachers are using technology to improve their teaching and the motivation and learning of their students.
Best wishes,

Michele McMahon aka Ms Beaker said...

you have got to be kidding!!! Sorry to hear that your internet access has been stopped "indefinitely", that really is over the top!