Monday, 14 August 2017

Laughing with Hitler

Laughing with Hitler is a 2007 BBC documentary about humour (and later the suppression of humour) in the Third Reich.

The reason I'm sharing this is because recent events, predominantly but not exclusively in the USA, reminded me of this film, in particular this quote:

"Germany in January of 1933 a motley crew of petit bourgeois thugs seize power, until then no-one had really taken them seriously..."

You have to remember that many, if not most, Germans were not fans of Hitler, his ideas, his oppression, or his cronies.

The documentary does contain some very good jokes, like this one:

Hitler visits a lunatic asylum, where he is dutifully saluted by the usual line-up.
With one exception.
Hitler asks, "Why are you not saluting like the others?"
The man replies, "Mein F├╝hrer, I'm the nurse. I'm not crazy!"


Tuesday, 1 August 2017

The ethics of keeping a Cookie Monster as a pet...

For those of you who don't know Cookie Monster, he lives on Sesame Street  (and has a presence on Facebook and Twitter), he is a monster and loves to eat cookies. (Nominative determinism)

I thought I'd already blogged about this but it turns out that I haven't.

So, here goes...

Conversations in my house can often be, how can I put this, extremely weird.

Admittedly, I'm generally the instigator of such weirdness.

One such recent conversation was:

Is it ethical to keep a Cookie Monster as a pet? 

A few days later I asked my Year 9 (14 years old) tutor group this question and, during their debate, I was surprised by the maturity of their answers. The more they thought about it the deeper their answers became...

They eventually decide it was not a good idea.

I also got my Year 7 French beginners to do a descriptions activity based on this with a great deal of success.

So my plan was then to use this with Y12 (Advanced level students) as a way of getting them to speak confidently in the TL using "A Level type language".

I haven't done it yet but I plan to do so next term...

I'll report back but in the meantime here is a clip of the Monster himself with Sir Ian McKellen...