Sunday, 4 April 2010

The end of an era (Part 2)

Last week I left my school for the last time. I'd been there exactly 11 years and, for my own personal sanity, I needed to leave before I was considered a "lifer".

Both the school and I benefited from the experience (me being there, not leaving) and I'm quite sure that it was a positive experience for the majority of students I have taught over that time (apart from not being able to spell "monsieur", obviously).

Over the last eleven years I have evolved from "chalk'n'talk" teaching to being the most, or quite possibly that be only, web2.0 proficient teacher in the school.

It's a shame that the pupils who have been using Xtranormal, wordle, goanimate, imagechef, smspoll, storybird, crazytalk, etc, etc. probably won't get the opportunity again.

On the plus side, I can't wait to start at my new school and try out these applications, and more, with some new students. Watch this space, I shall report back.


Moodle Fairy said...

what a charming and no doubt tasty cake! And all the best for your new post :)

Dom said...

Thanks :0)