Tuesday, 3 September 2013


In the past I've been accused of not being a fan of linguascope.

This isn't true.

I've not been a fan of lazy teachers using it in lessons on an interactive whiteboard with one student while the other 29 students sit doing nothing. 

I've actually seen it used this way in lessons.

I like students to use linguascope as an independent learning/revision tool. If you have access to computers or tablets (there's an app!), it's an ideal site to get even the least motivated students playing and learning simultaneously.

The whole site has been recently updated and revamped. The graphics are much better and there are new sections with more games and activities. It seems much smoother and looks much more professional. All of the activities are available in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian. There are sections for primary pupils and secondary pupils. Personally, I like the GCSE pages.

Linguascope costs £250 (+vat) for a year's subscription but if you have 1000 students it works out at 25 pence per student - the cost of an exercise book. With the school's login and password pupils can also access the site and play the games from home. Students can even play on their phones by using the mobile site. There is a preview page here with access to a lot of activities in each language and at each level.

It's much more educational and fun than making powerpoint presentations.

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