Thursday, 5 September 2013

Excuses, excuses...

Some years ago I signed up to receive daily emails from linternaute.

It's an online French news/magazine which publishes some very good current affairs articles (really good for teaching A level French) and, often, some incredibly funny features.

Today I was sent this article, a collection of notes from parents to teachers entitled: LES MEILLEURS (ET LES PIRES) MOTS D'EXCUSE DES PARENTS

So I thought of a fun starter activity for advanced level students:

  • Give the students a few of these excuses
  • Get them to rank them in order of silliness, etc.
  • Explain their reasons to a partner or a group.
  • Create some of their own excuses
It's a great way to practise different tenses, too.

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Clare Seccombe said...

I love these! What I particularly like are the ones with authentic errors in.