Saturday, 17 October 2009


Six hours ago, I had never heard of storybird, now I'm hooked. I can see a wealth of uses for it in MFL for both teachers and pupils, especially as a teaching resource in primary classrooms.

It was through a tweet from Clare Seccombe (the genius behind MFL Sunderland website and the changing phase blog) this morning that I first heard of storybird.

Within 5 minutes I had signed up for an account and was on my way to creating my first story.

Another esteemed twitter colleague in my learning network, Lisa Stevens, has, today, also created a storybird here and blogged about it here.

Footnote: Since writing this blog post I have found out that at the moment does not publish stories written in languages other than English. Whilst I was quite annoyed at first, I have realised that it makes no difference to using stories in my classroom as it does allow me to save them in my account. Also, now I have calmed down I realise that it is to protect the general public from any unsuitable content, and that can only be a good thing.


Clare Seccombe said...

Thanks for the mention, Dom ! I think this application has huge potential in KS2 (or maybe even KS1) for reading. One of our things in the LA this year is using Big Books, and at last I think I might have an "in". I'm itching to have a go myself, but my conscience is telling me to finish all the other jobs first :o( Thank goodness half term is coming up !!

Dom said...

Unfortunately, I'm not as conscientious as you are, and I will drop the most important projects just to play with some new toy. Typical bloke, I know.

Suzi Bewell said...

I too have many urgent jobs which I am putting off in order to play with this brilliant site. Thanks Clare for the tweet this morning - it is a brilliant feeling that many other MFLers on twitter are doing the same as Dom and I with the intention of using new technologies to inspire and motivate our pupils. Merci :)

Here's a link to my attempt - it has been made public for now