Sunday, 18 October 2009

Storybird update

After yesterday's disappointment at not being able to publish my storybird for the whole world to see (modest, much! as Buffy would say), I contacted Mark Ury co-founder of and offered my services as a moderator.

This is his very quick and very nice reply:

Hi Dominic,
Thanks for the kind words (and your blog post—just saw that).
As for your offer—it comes at the right time. We're examining how we can bring on volunteer moderators to jumpstart other languages within Storybird. (Truthfully, we hadn't planned on non-English moderation for about 12 months. But with the worldwide embrace we've had in just five weeks of life, we've pushed language support up the feature roadmap.)
We won't be ready to externalize our moderator system just yet (or set up language zones in the Read area), so I'd like to hold onto your coordinates and get back in touch in a month or so. In the meanwhile, if there are other language teachers who you think would be interested, please let them know about this and we'll start to build a team list. (Spanish and German are our other big requests right now.) We'll write a blog post about the topic as well so we have something to point to as we get closer to our goal.
All aside, thanks for taking an interest in the issue, being generous with your skills, and spreading the word about Storybird. It's much appreciated.
Mark Ury
Cofounder, Storybird

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