Sunday, 13 March 2016

Easter - links and resources

Only 2 weeks away so here is my list of free resources for Easter activities:


Lightbulblanguages has some lovely Easter minibooks in the primary resources section

TES still has some free Easter resources. For now.

(*Dom thinks to himself* I wonder what would happen if the people who owned the image copyrights had a look at the paid resources on TES?)

Lancs NGFL has some nice Easter resources in French and Gierman.

The grid has some primary resources in word documents here.

BCC has a powerpoint in English about Easter in France.

FrenchToday  has a page of Easter related vocabulary.

ielanguages has an mp3 file and some text to go with it about Easter.

Frenchabout has a page all about Easter in France.

Talkabout PrimaryMFL has some Easter links and resources in the March section of its Days to Celebrate page.

New 20/03/2016 Who killed the Easter bunny (cluedo type game) on TES


Goethe Institut has some resources here.

Lots of free German Easter resources on TES (for now) has some practical projects here.

Some Easter puzzles from kinder malvorlagen


Lots of (mostly free) TES semana santa and pascua resources

Lightbulblanguages has some Easter resources in Spanish.

Languagesresources has a Spanish Easter ppt here. has a couple of reading and listening online activities.

Tio Spanish has this youtube clip for advanced learners:

That should keep you quiet for an hour or so....

If you know of any others please let me know and I'll add them to the list.

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