Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Studying a French film - dossiers pédagogiques

A couple of years ago I blogged about Luc Besson's film, Les aventures extraordinaires d' Adèle Blanc-Sec.

I included a link to the institut français' German website where you could find a dossier pédagogique with exercises for students to complete before, during and after watching the film.

For the last fifteen years, the Institut Français Deutschland has held a Cinéfête for students, the Jugendfilmfestival, where Francophone films are shown and studied.

For each of these films, they have produced a dossier pédagogique all in French, with exercises all in French.

The selection of films for the 2015 festival are:

  • Comme un lion - Samuel Collardey
  • Populaire - Régis Roinsard
  • Le tableau - Jean- François Laguionie
  • L'Italien - Olivier Baroux
  • La Cage Dorée - Ruben Alves
  • Une bouteille à la mer - Thierry Binisti
  • Séraphine - Martin provost

Information about these films can be found on the festival site here.

The dossiers pédagogiques are here

The archives of the 14 previous film festivals can be found here.

Here is a list of all of the films shown in the first 14 festivals and you should be able to click on them to go straight to the dossier.:

Cinéfête 14
Cinéfête 13
Cinéfête 12
Cinéfête 11
Cinéfête 10
Cinéfête 9
Cinéfête 8
Cinéfête 7
Cinéfête 6
Cinéfête 5
Cinéfête 4
Cinéfête 3
Cinéfête 2
Cinéfête 1

Many of these films are available in the UK on DVD and can be viewed on youtube, too.


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