Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Peer planning, or, who needs friends anyway?

A quick idea from today's lesson with Year 9 French.

We do a lot of peer marking and peer assessment.

They are quite good at spotting their friends mistakes, but, sadly, never their own.

Today, I got them thinking and encouraged them to be devious, too.

When I feedback to students, I give targets for improvement like, include a range of connectives, or intensifiers, opinions, tenses, etc. etc...

Today, they had to think of some words to give to their partner to include in their written work.

So, by looking back at their partner's last feedback from me, they had to come up with 6 words or phrases their partner had to include in a timed piece of written work we did about music preferences.

For example,  if the feedback was "include a variety of connectives" they had to make a list of connectives which their partner had to use.

When the task was finished they had to go through and highlight where they had used those words and scored a point for each one. The partner with the most points was the winner.

There was an extension task for the more able. This was to write sentences using a specific number of words chosen by their partner.

For a first attempt, it went quite well.

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