Sunday, 1 June 2014

World Cup 2014 links

It's that time again.

The World Cup is just around the corner and language teachers all over the world will be trying to harness its power to get students (mainly boys) interested in languages.

The first place I'd recommend is the official site for the language you're teaching:

Here you can find information about the teams, ticketing, hotel information, and information about the cities taking part.

  • Next, you can find hundreds of free resources and links at Lightbulblanguages. To be honest this is probably the only place you need to go, but to be fair I'll recommend some more. 
You can also submit your own resources to lightbulblanguages. Be a sharer not a taker!

Here you can find all information needed about the mascots since 1966. You could get students to describe them or design their own.

  • MSN has a page with pictures of all the mascots here.
  • TES has a lot of world cup resources in different languages here
  • Teaching ideas has a lot of World Cup resources, mainly for KS2. These could be adapted for MFL.
  • Those nice people at languagenut also have some great free resources on their site in French, English, Spanish, German, Dutch, Gaelic and Maori.  
  • Every official World Cup poster can be found here

  • There's a lovely French World Cup wallchart here but you'll probably prefer to make your own and get your pupils to complete it and fill it in.


The World Cup wouldn't be half as much fun without the songs. Here are some for 2014:

The official one...

The England song...

Sadly, there is no official French song this year....

There is a comprehensive list of every World Cup song ever, here.

I can't imagine you won't find something among all these resources.

If you find something else or have made something else I should recommend please leave a comment with a link.

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