Tuesday, 16 April 2013

AS & A2 German grammar resources.

It's exam season!

I was looking for some fun ways of practising grammar with my yr12 German group and came across a website form the University of Michigan's German Department.

Their site is called Interactive Grammar Tutor and has explanations, examples and interactive exercises which can be done on PCs, tablets and even those newfangled Ipad contraptions.

My students found the exercises quite challenging but they enjoyed doing them. It was slightly more interesting than completing the exercises in their grammar books and they were given instant feedback,  a :-) or an X, and an explanation as to why their answer was correct or not.

There are separate sections for verbs, cases, gender, adjectives, adverbs and, the ones I used today, relative clauses.

It's not a substitute for a teacher but it's a great source of information and a good way for more advanced learners to practise and revise German grammar.

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