Friday, 14 October 2011

Ipad or My pad? 10 reasons why paper is better.

My friends and colleagues know me as a bit of a technology fan and most of you know that I've blogged about mobile phones a lot.

Over the last 2 or 3 years I have attended a lot of Teachmeets and Show and Tells and one of the things I've been interested in is the use of technology by the presenters and the attendees.

A couple of years ago almost all attendees at these unconferences had a laptop. At the next one, laptops had given way to netbooks. Then netbooks vanished and smart phones ruled. Then it seemed that anything made by Apple was de rigueur.

Technology is not always best. Recently I've been taking notes using this:

and this:

So, why do I think my pad is better than an I-pad?

1) It was a lot cheaper. Less than £2 in Wilkinson's sale.

2) It doesn't need a battery or recharging.

3) If I drop it onto a hard, or for that matter soft, floor it won't smash into a million pieces and I won't cry.

4) I won't get upset when Wilkinson's start selling a more up to date version with a rust resistant spiral bound centre.

5) It doesn't need a WiFi connection.

6) Nobody will want to steal it.

7) Each time I write something, it is automatically saved.

8) It won't break down. Ever.

9) If I meet someone without one I can tear out some sheets and share with them.

10) If I spill tea or coffee on it, not only will it still work, it will look funkier and smell nicer. (Or should that be look nicer and smell funkier?)

So, there you have it. 10 reasons (and I could think of dozens more) why my pad beats I pad any day.


Clare Seccombe said...

11) you won't get glared at for using it in a departmental meeting!

12) you can let children use it without worrying that they will break it.

Dom said...

Thanks for the comment, Clare. Like I said, there are dozens (if not millions) of reasons why my-pad is better.

RachieBrock82 said...

13. You can adapt your notebook to match any outfit.

14. If the cat chews through it they wont electricute themselves like they might do with a laptop/mobile charger.

You can't beat a good note book :)

Dom said...

Just received this comment from Serena Dawson:

15. I don't make typos with a pen or pencil.

Clare Seccombe said...

15) I won't get mugged or burgled because of my-pad. Although my new purple notebook with gold embossed initials from Pirongs is very desirable :o)