Thursday, 17 March 2011

Using mobile phones in school.

Almost a year ago I changed jobs. My "new" school doesn't allow mobile phones (yet) but I am working on a presentation to argue a case for allowing them in school.

At my previous school when I used mobile phones with my students, they really enjoyed the activities and seemed to be much better motivated.

Today I read an excellent blog post by Gemma Dobson, a languages teacher in Devon, who has been using mobile phones with her Year 8 class. She appears to be doing some excellent work with the students and getting them really motivated.

Last week I mentioned the possibility of using phones in class to some of my own students and they seemed genuinely enthusiastic. That is, until one of my brighter students said, "That would be great and, if we got bored, we could text our friends."



beauchamps pastoral said...

I wouldn't recommend it. Phones are not just phones nowadays. Children will spend their time facebooking each other, taking videos and publishing on Youtube. They will text parents just for being sent out of class etc and before you can even deal with the matter parents will be on the line complaining and speaking as if they were there themselves. Text bullying and inappropriate photo's are a further cause for concern. I cannot see anything positive in this idea - unless we believe that children will always do as we ask the first time and every time

Langwitch said...

Dear beauchamps pastoral
Surely, as teachers we have to believe that children will do as we ask the first time and everytime, don't we? If I went into the classroom believing otherwise I would be setting myself up for failure.
If you establish the correct climate in your classroom then all of things you mention will not happen. And if they do, you deal with it in the same way as you deal with any misbehaviour.
Part of the secret of teaching is knowing your pupils and trusting them to do what's right. Just as they trust me to do what right as well.

Amy said...

Could a set of class norms be established for cell phone use in class like:

Phones must be on the desk and face down when not being used for class purposes.

Just a thought...