Saturday, 19 March 2011

Remote controlled assessments.

In the olden days, in times of yore, when I was a child, we did exams called "O Levels" and we had to learn stuff and revise for them. They were hard.

In French, we had to write a story in the past historic tense (!) and we didn't get to prepare our writing and speaking work in advance.

There was even a dictation paper!

Nowadays, in the world of glorious technicolor, mobile phones, long trousers, HD and 3D, students of modern languages GCSEs get the title of their assignment, a couple of weeks to prepare using dictionaries, textbooks, the internet, etc. (but mainly google translate) and then all they have to do is remember it with the help of a sheet containing 30 key words of their choice. And, because they produce the assessment under exam conditions - they can't be accused of cheating.

They don't have to learn anything.

So, what is the point of teaching them anything?

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