Tuesday, 12 May 2009

New GCSE spec MFL assessment materials

As we all know, or should know, the GCSE is changing, or has changed. I recently attended some excellent CPD organised by Comenius on this in the wonderful city of Durham led by Gill Beckett (MFL expert, google her, she is amazing, a human dynamo!).

If you teach languages and are still not sure which board to choose, you need to get a move on. If you haven't read Helen Myers' excellent document on the new specs (shame on you! she spent ages on it!) you can do this here.

I'm blogging this because of a post today on the TES MFL Forum asking if anyone had any specimen papers yet. So, to save you all more work, and I know you are all very busy, (what with speaking exams and the like!) here is the definitive list of already published specimen materials on the web:

AQA French (from page 65 onwards it's the same examples for each language)

CCEA French, German, Spanish

WJEC French, German, Spanish

OCR French, German, Spanish

Edexcel French, German, Spanish

As the Yorkie says: Amusez-vous bien!

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