Sunday, 13 May 2018

Royal Wedding links in French, German, and Spanish.

Just in case you missed it, there's a wedding this week.

Here are some links to articles/videos you might like to use in your classroom:

(I like that different countries and types of publication take very different angles on the story.)

Useful for GCSE, too!



  • Gala (Gossip about their celebrity guests)
  • Stern (everything you need to know about the day)
  • Bild (Queen gives them permission to marry)
  • NDR (wedding with no politicians)
  • TZ (Meghan breaks protocol) 
  • Bunte (the breaking of wedding traditions)
  • Bayern3 (competition to win a trip to the wedding, well, OK, London, not the wedding)


  • mujerhoy (the curious details)
  • harpersbazaar (all the official details) 
  • hola (which of Meghan's family didn't get an invite)
  • vanitatis (the frock!)
  • vogue (everything you need to know)
  • abc (a victim of the Manchester attack is invited)

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