Thursday, 22 February 2018

Usain Bolt and expected progress.

Watch this:

It's the world's fastest man breaking the 100m world record in 2009.

Nobody has ever run as fast as this over this distance.


He is a god.

I'm the least sporty person I know but even I am impressed.

You probably are, too.

Unless you are a school data manager...

If you are, you're probably have a spreadsheet which tells you how fast he should have run in his next race.

And you're probably really disappointed with him...

What's the point I'm labouring here? I hear you ask...

Expected progress.

If you were good at English and/or maths at primary school, you should be good at everything in secondary.

Here's an idea, why not just do your best to get your students to do their best?

That's more than enough...

Haters gonna hate and measureres gonna measure...

Don't be a measurer.

Be a facilitator...

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