Sunday, 4 June 2017

Summer half term and time management.

That's it.

Half term is over.

You snoozed you loozed...

You snozt you lost...


You know what I mean. I hope.

So, tomorrow is the start of the final half term of the year.

In seven weeks, it'll all be over...

So this is a list of stuff I'm going to do over the next six weeks or so:

1) Keep teaching.
It's not the holidays 'til the end of July for most of us. Many students will want fun and games. They equate nice weather with not working. It's a cultural thing. They are going to be extremely disappointed. Especially my Y10 and Y9 GCSE students who will even be getting things to do over the break.
Standards and routines.

2) Plan for next term.
Schemes of learning for next year may need some tinkering but for Y7, Y8 and Y12 but they will mostly stay the same. GCSE for Y10 is pretty much done and dusted for the first term. Y11 still needs to be finished. Little and often. Sort out the assessments, too.

3) Marking.
Sorry, assessment and feedback. Or is it feedforward now? This is really important. Even for the students who are not taking my subjects next year. If you're not on top of it, the students won't see it as important either. Plus, you never know when there'll be a work scrutiny*, LA inspection or even an Ofsted inspection.

*I know. I organise them.
4) Sort out my cupboard.
This is more likely to be me "recycling" a lot of stuff. I've only been in the room for 2 years and there is an avalanche of old papers just waiting to happen...

5)  Change my wall displays.
I really don't think "this is what a good piece of coursework contains" is that relevant any more. I need something more relevant and helpful (with lots of pictures of Lindsay Lohan). My tutor group will change, too. I also need to remove any traces of German from my room as, from this Wednesday, I'll no longer be teaching German. Not ever. Not at my current job anyway... :(

This means I will have almost all of the summer holiday not working. 

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