Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Peer feedback - reading and writing

My last blogpost was about peer assessing speaking, today it's all about reading and writing.

Now, I really don't like marking so I came up with this idea to get students to do all of the work, leaving me with nothing, or at least, very little to mark.

I got my students to write a paragraph about their school.

Here is a couple of examples:

These aren't very good but that's the idea.

The task was that the students had to read and feedback on their partner's work.

They had to highlight all of the good things and write a comment on how the work could be improved.
e.g. include opinions, check spellings, check adjective agreement, don't miss out any verbs, etc..

Then, and this is the clever bit, they had to write the correct version of what they thought their partner wanted to say and, when finished, write why their version was better. 

I tried this with photocopies of students' work, too. Their marking of anonymous copies was really strict. 

They enjoyed it, too. 

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