Sunday, 10 January 2016

Staying positive.

Happy New Year!

Cast your mind back 12 months.

Do you remember your new year's resolution?

Did you keep it?

My resolution for 2015 was not to work at weekends.

You can read my  post about it here.

It wasn't 100% successful. I worked 4 weekends last year.

It was a little harder than I imagined, mainly because, since September, on Fridays I teach 3 classes which I also teach on Mondays.

I got around it by marking before I went home but this was not always possible.

For 2016 my resolution is similar but also includes a promise to myself to be as positive as possible.

This has meant leaving all MFL Facebook groups I'd signed up to.

Until recently I've been an avid reader of, and contributor to, these groups but things have changed.

Over the past few months these groups have changed from very supportive and collaborative fora to a place where many group members have just used them to complain, troll and breach copyright by sharing resources illegally.

My decision to leave them all was not taken lightly but rather than getting annoyed by the trolling and scrounging I just clicked "leave group".

It was easy.

So what else have I been doing?

Well, my time management is getting better all the time.

I don't leave school until the next day's work is prepared.

I mark books after every lesson. (You'd be amazed how quickly you can do this and it helps with planning!)

I'm happier and I like my job.

(I still regularly consider leaving teaching but I think everyone does that!)

So, my advice to everyone for 2016 is be positive.

Nobody likes moaner!

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