Friday, 10 April 2015

It's the holidays

Put down that red pen... 

Close that book...

Just walk away...

Don't look back...

Just keep walking....

It's the school holidays!

For me, they're almost over but some UK teachers still have another week.

Holidays are for relaxing, recharging the batteries, fiddling with old Volkswagens, spending quality time with loved ones (or your family!), mowing the lawn, cleaning the house, getting a haircut, watching television, and, if you are a male teacher, not wearing a tie.

(An old VW.)

Holidays are not for working.

Of course, most teachers never switch off.

Every time I go to the supermarket I see things which make me think, "Ooh, I could use that in my beginners' Spanish class." or "I could use that clothes line, Lego, ball of twine, coloured paper, squeaky ball thing with ears, etc. with my Y10 French group.

Teaching is the only profession where people steal stuff from home and take it to work.


I spent lots of time last week working on a new classroom game show format, reading a lot of teaching blogs and having a look at some new resources.

I even stuck some homework sheets into some sets of books but I haven't been marking.

There is no point marking in the holidays.

Why do we mark students' work?

I'm quite sure that it's so that the students can be guided as to how they can improve their learning and that teachers can improve their planning.

Most students (and many teachers) won't remember what they did 3 weeks ago so giving them feedback on "old work" is pointless.

I plan to get all my marking done before the holiday begins.

"Ticking and flicking" is also pointless as it serves no purpose whatsoever.

It is merely a waste of ink and probably will indirectly increase global warming.

You don't want that on your conscience as well, do you?

There is nothing which will ruin your break more than knowing the last weekend will be spent getting yourself stressed about work.


It's the holidays.

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