Tuesday, 21 October 2014

audio-lingua - authentic listening resources

I came across this site a while ago via Steve Smith's frenchteacher.net pages.

It has authentic listening resources in 10 different European languages at different levels from A1-C2.

You can search for files by length, level of difficulty, by male or female voice, and by target audience ie. children, young people, adults and seniors.

Files can be downloaded too, this is especially good if you have problems connecting to the internet in school.

I've started to use these clips with my A level class to try to get them to practise listening to the target language at native speaker speed.

I, and they, have been amazed at how much they actually did understand.

You can even embed them into your blog, or website. This is the clip about the i-phone 6 I used last week:

I'm also going to start to use the clips with my GCSE groups next half term.


Unknown said...

Brillant thank you

Unknown said...

Brilliant thank you