Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Duolingo - language learning on the go

Every day I receive at least one email asking me if I can review a language based product on my blog.

Sometimes there is even a monetary incentive - but as well as the fact that I ain't no hollaback girl, I ain't no sell out, neither, my friends. 

So, if I'm going to recommend something it's because I use it and I think it's amazing.

At the last TeachMeetBlakes someone (I stilll don't know who) recommended Duolingo to me.

Duolingo is a totally free language learning app (with no ads!!!) which you can use to learn Spanish, French, German, Portugese or Italian. 

I'm using it to brush up on my Spanish as I shall be teaching it again (after 8 years!) in September.

It's great for students and adults alike and consists of short exercises in each of the 4 skills.

It covers the basics of greetings, food, etc but also has grammar sections in which you can practise lots of different tenses, conjunctions, prepositions, adjectives, adverbs, object pronouns, etc, etc. 

One of the best things about Duolingo is that it gently "reminds" the user to practise every day. 

I'm recommending that all my students install this on their smartphones and tablets to help improve their language skills. 

It's good fun, educational and looks like a game. 

I'm impressed.

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