Friday, 11 January 2013

News 4 Kids in German.

Last summer I published a post containing links for articles I was going to use as extra reading for my Year 12 AS German class. 

Recently I discovered News4kids a news website designed specifically for German speaking children. 

It's quite similar to 1 jour 1 actu only not in French.

The site is easy to navigate and has 4 sections.

- short news articles on a variety of topics written in an easy to understand unpatronising way. The articles are categorised into 4 main areas: Mensch und Natur, Gesellschaft, Technik, and Kultur.  I just used an article from last summer's Olympics with my group.

2)  Wissen 

- articles about many interesting things which are not really news stories. For example this story about conditions for scientists working in the Antarctic.

3) Mitmachen 

- stories with opportunities for readers participate and to give their own opinions about certain topics. Here is an article and discussion on whether animals should be performing in a circus. 

- a section with online games, puzzles and film and book reviews and links to other sites. 

I really like this site as it is updated regularly and I can always find something for my students which is relevant to their programme of study.

I use the articles as general reading, but I also make gapfill worksheets and reading comprehensions with them, too.


rosanna mcg said...

Fantastic stuff mr mcg! Your nephew will be using this. :)

Dom said...

Oh yes, I'd forgotten the Loz was studying German. I still keep thinking he's 6...