Tuesday, 23 October 2012

It's independent learning AND it's snot.

On a rare visit to another school yesterday I discovered a different way of getting students to think for themselves and collaborate with their peers.

It's the same as the 4 Bs: Brain, Book, Buddy, Boss but much more memorable and the students love it.

Especially the boys.

It's called SNOT.

It stands for:


Students ask themselves: Have we done this before? When did we do this? What do I know about this? Is it in my book, folder, etc?


If they can't find the information they require students ask the student nearest to them.


Student asks another student for help.


If no other student can help then, and only then, is the student allowed to ask the teacher.

I came across SNOT when I visited a music lesson.

A pupil approached the teacher with a question. 

The teacher asked the pupil, "Have you snotted?"

He then explained to me that that is the system the school uses to try to get the students to take more responsibility for their own learning.

I loved it.

I've already started to use it with my own classes.

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