Saturday, 29 January 2011

Fuzzwich - an animation tool.

This afternoon I saw link from Alex Bellars on Twitter to an amazing little animation made by Lisa Stevens using Fuzzwich to advertise the ililc show and tell.

I watched the clip and decided to investigate.

I'd never even heard of Fuzzwich until today but, hey, how difficult could it be?

So I have created my own, entitled "Can we use it in MFL?"



Alex Bellars said...

Agreed that the lack of foreign characters is a downside - as for Vokis, I have found - but surely we can use it somehow. And in German, you can get around lack of Umlauts easily enough, anyway (Hurray! Good news for German!)

Dom said...

Thanks for the comment, Alex. It is good news for German students. I don't remember the last time I found something good for them.

Clare Seccombe said...

I, like, totally dig your Fuzzwich, man !

Dom said...

That's awfully spiffing of you ;0)