Monday, 12 July 2010

Being creative with Year 7.

Today was my last lesson with my year 7 French groups. When they arrived, one of the children said, "All we've done today is watch DVDs. Can we do something different?"
We have been doing a mini project on endangered animals and we had been working on dialogues asking questions like "Que manges-tu?" "Où habites-tu?" and so on.

Their speaking work isn't brilliant and I've been trying to find ways of increasing their participation.

At MFL Show and Tell on Saturday, I was impressed with Lisa Stevens' ideas and energy and decided to use one of her ideas (I'll never match her energy).

Puppets, or more precisely, pencil puppets.

They practised their dialogues, pretending to be creatures and then we filmed them. Every single child in both classes took part in a dialogue, which I filmed on my fisher-price mobile phone and they loved it.
Big result!

Unfortunately, the sound quality of the clips is not good enough to post here, but here are pictures.

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lisibo said...

I had a phone like that! That's how I learned to chatter so ;o)

Lisa xx