Friday, 11 June 2010

The MFL Twitterati World Cup Sweepstake

As usual, someone had a great idea and I stole it.
This time it was the MFL Twitterati World Cup Sweepstake.
Clare's idea, hijacked by me.
Welcome to my world. I did apologise.

Apparently no-one in the world understands the concept of a sweepstake except the Brits so here is a quick run down of the rules:

Each player is drawn at random via random name picker, then a team is picked randomly by the same method and assigned to that player.

The player who's team wins the world cup gets a MFL related prize which I shall buy in France next week.

Everyone else is a loser.

Here goes:
@javiera1974 gets ITALY
@gorsey gets AUSTRALIA
@simonhowells gets NETHERLANDS
@valleseco gets NEW ZEALAND
@jjpadvis gets URUGUAY
@mme_henderson gets PARAGUAY
@PreKlanguages gets PORTUGAL
@victoria35 gets CHILE
@joedale gets GHANA
@jowinchester gets SPAIN
@dominic_mcg gets HONDURAS
@wizenedcrone gets NORTH KOREA
@sghani gets ALGERIA
@bootleian gets SLOVENIA
@josepicardo gets DENMARK
@atantot gets SWITZERLAND
@Langwitch gets IVORY COAST
@ChrisFullerisms gets SOUTH KOREA
@zaragozalass gets ARGENTINA
@suzibewell gets FRANCE
@lisibo gets SERBIA
@amandasalt gets GREECE
@MissAmoros gets NIGERIA
@simcloughlin gets ENGLAND
@smaguire777 gets USA
@moodlefairy gets SOUTH AFRICA
@mrshampson gets SLOVAKIA
@spanishsam gets GERMANY
@blagona gets CAMEROON
@hicksie58 gets MEXICO
@Kath52 gets JAPAN
@lynnehorn gets BRAZIL

Good luck everyone.
I shall update the post on a regular basis.
If your team is on the left of the screen you are still in the competition.
If your team is on the right of the screen, you have been eliminated from the contest.
All comments will be moderated.
Thank you.


Clare Seccombe said...

New Zealand ???

Can I keep the same team for the next Rugby World Cup ?

Dom said...

Sorry Clare, you'll probably get Brazil! :0)