Saturday, 22 May 2010

A level French and

In 4 weeks, or thereabouts, my A2 students will be sitting their final exams before going off to study for their degrees in Child Psychology and 3rd World Crop Rotation, or Camel Husbandry and Brass Bandsmanship at the University of Chadderton.

So, we have 4 weeks left to revise and try to get them the best grades possible.
I recently rediscovered this site If you don't know ados, it's a French site for young people which contains all elements of youth culture including news, music, books, films, celebrities and a forum for discussions.

The discussion which caught my eye this morning was "le port de la Burqa". This is one of the subtopics we studied for A2 French (under the role of women in society) and a hot topic of debate in France at the moment.

I liked it for a few reasons:
  • it's a genuine resource and not contrived, made up or cobbled together by a writer of textbooks.
  • it's portrays the real (sometimes extreme) views of real French people.
  • and most importantly, it contains some of the best French phrases for expressing views and opinions, which our students are expected to know for the exam.
Ados is a very useful site for finding authentic articles on many subjects. Its very nature means that it is constantly updated, unlike text books, and I'd recommend it to anyone planning for, or teaching, AS and A2 French.


Steve Smith said...

Hi. Thanks for the recommendation. I posted something on the burqa at if it's of interest. It's from the site which ahs some good stuff on it.

Dom said...

Thanks for the comment. I love your site, I'm one of a great many teachers who finds it a very valuable resource, especially for teaching A level. Thanks for the recommendation, too.

froggieflo said...

thanks heaps for the link. very useful for my Year 13