Tuesday, 23 July 2019


What's the secret to good classroom management? 


And planning.

OK and consistency. 

And differentiation...

And VAK..

Haha! Just kidding about the last one!!!!

I digress.

Students like routine. 

Adults like routine.

I'm not going to get all preachy here. I have taught students this year who have been less than compliant in their actions and at times have been a complete nightmare. Having said that, the majority of my students have been lovely and have enjoyed and actually learned things in my lessons.

 These are my routines:
  • Books are given out and a bell task is on the board before students arrive. My tables are arranged in 6 groups. Each group has a number. Exercise books have the group number written in the top left corner. It takes seconds to give out books.
  • I greet students at the door. A quick hello in TL, give instructions as to first task, or a sheet with the first task. I never do tests at the start of a lesson. Students who don't like tests, or haven't prepared, will arrive late... They're not stupid... 
  • While the students are completing the first task, I do the register and give out the fabled green pens. These are for self and peer marking and responding to any feedback in their books.
  • I give students a specific time to complete tasks and stick to it. Countdown timers are useful for this. It's also good time management for GCSE exam practice. 
  • I try to include elements of all 4 skills in each lesson. 
  • Marking is done regularly and is planned. Nobody wants to have to mark 4 sets of books in one evening. I try to get around to each group to give feedback during lessons. 
  • Reading and writing tasks are generally marked by students or their peers. Corrections with examples, and explanations, are completed (to stop students just guessing!).
At the end of the lesson, groups go out when they are calm and ready and are unable to leave unless they hand me their green pen.

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